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What is control? Real control is when everyone in your household can easily use the entertainment system. At Advanced Home Cinema & Sound we thoroughly test all of our products for simplicity and quality. That is why we proudly carry the award winning line of wireless products from Control 4. Control 4’s mission is to bring easy to use products to everyone at affordable prices. Those goals fit perfectly with Advanced Home Cinema & Sounds philosophy of designing and installing high performance, easy to use home entertainment systems at affordable prices. You will never need more than 1 remote control again.

With Control 4 it is easy to control all of your homes systems like lighting, audio, video, temperature, security, sprinklers and garage doors. All of this is available from one simple to use interface that can be viewed on any television in your home.

Not only are Control 4’s products easy to use, they are also easy to install in existing homes. In fact there are solutions that allow us to install a system in your house without ever opening up a wall or running new wire, making an even more affordable solution.

Home Theater:

Why Home Theater? No cell phones ringing, strangers talking, or sticky floors. You can even adjust the temperature to your liking.

Home Theater has come a long way in the past 10 years. Now it is more convenient than ever to have the Theater experience in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are looking for the authentic Cinema experience or just want a surround sound system to compliment your new plasma TV, Advanced Home Cinema & Sound has the right solution for you. We take pride in our Home Theater designs so you can be sure you are getting the best picture and sound quality available today. To test drive Redding’s only THX Ultra 2 certified home theater make an appointment to see our showroom.


At Advanced Home Cinema & Sound we give you the option to listen to what you want, where you want. Each room has its own speakers and can play different audio sources independent of other rooms in your home. That means Mom or Dad can listen to their favorite CD in the office while the kids are listening to XM Radio in the backyard.

And starting the music in each room couldn’t be easier. With a simple 6 button keypad or elegant touch screen in every room, you only need to press one button to get the music playing. You can even adjust the volume up and down and turn the room off all from the same device.

Stop by our showroom to see how easy it really is.


Choosing the correct display for your entertainment needs is an important decision. Front Projection screens offer sizes measured in feet rather than inches, while flat panel TV’s are better for rooms with lots of light. At Advanced Home Cinema & Sound we help you decide what options are best for your unique situation. Choosing the right display will bring you years of worry free viewing enjoyment.

We also offer distributed Video solutions that allow you to watch the same video source from any TV in your home. The movie you recorded on the Living Room TV can now be viewed in the Master Bedroom.

Visit our showroom to see the benefit of having a Distributed Video solution in your home.

Lighting Control:

Lighting control is not only convenient, it can save you money every month. Imagine being able to turn off all of the lights in your home from a single button on your night stand. Or having your lights only come on at 80% during the peak usage times of the day. We can even make the lights automatically go off if no one is using the room. Advanced Home Cinema & Sound can help you save money on your monthly electricity bill while adding convenience and value to your home.

Visit our showroom to experience the benefits of having lighting control in your home.

Computer Networks/ Internet:

Computer Networks and the Internet are no longer only found in the work environment. Computers in your home are used to plan trips, do homework, play games and access personal finances. All of these reasons increase the need for a robust and secure network.

Advanced Home Cinema & Sound Specializes in designing secure and trouble free networks for the home environment.